UCL Philosophy


BA Programmes

  • BA Handbook: This guide in Moodle contains all the essential information for students on Philosophy undergraduate degrees including combined honours.
  • Undergraduate Student Progress Form (Word)
  • Forms and Information for all UCL Philosophy students.
  • BA Modules 2018/19: Provisional list of modules expected to run next year.
  • Module Choice Forms for students returning to second or final year in 2018/19.
  • Key Contacts: Who to get in touch with for various undergraduate enquiries.
  • BA Philosophy Timetables 2017/18 (N.B. shows both terms together).
    - BA Level 1
    - BA Level 2
    - BA Level 3
  • Undergraduate Prizes: The department awards the following prizes to undergraduate students:

    • Richard Murphy Memorial Prize (£150) for the best performance in the final year
    • AJ Ayer Scholarship Fund (£100) for the best performance in the second year
    • Seasonal Prize, Dawes Hicks Prize (two prizes) and AJ Ayer Prize (£30 each), for excellent performance in the first and second years.
    • In addition, we recommend outstanding students for the faculty medal (Rosa Morrison prize) and for inclusion in the Dean's List.
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