UCL Philosophy


2000 - 2009

Name A - Z


Sofie Andersen

Sofie Anderson

Philosophy BA (2004)

I moved across the road to SOAS where I have just completed an MA in Japanese Culture and Cinema. I spent all summer writing my dissertation on notions of body identity in Japanese animation which basically meant I got to watch a lot of cartoons and call it 'research'. Life is good. I am off to Japan to teach English from April, and seriously considering coming back to SOAS for a PhD after that. I would love to hear from other 2004 alumni.


Brian Ascher

Brian Ascher

Affiliate Student (2002)

I studied at UCL as an affiliate student in 2002 and received my BA in Philosophy from Colgate University in 2003. I am currently attending New York University School of Law.


Lydia Chan

Philosophy BA (2003)

Currently studying MSc Public Policy at UCL School of Public Policy.


Hugo Chu

Philosophy BA (2004)

After UCL I took a Masters in International Relations at Bristol for a year before trying, and failing, to get into the Foreign Office. I returned to my native Hong Kong in Oct 2005 and am now a Headhunter focused on Investment Banking & Asset Management. Not much interest in returning to London, but great memories of UCL.


Mialy Clark

Philosophy BA (2001)

I took an MA at SOAS in International Studies in 2004 and am currently working in child protection rights in Cambodia with an NGO. Do get in touch if you're in the region


Natalie Dokarry

Philosophy BA (2008)

I am currently working as a visual merchandising executive for Lancome in the Hammersmith office - a bit far from the world of philosophy.


Ross Ford

Philosophy BA (2002)

Philosophy MPhil (2004)


Lydia Gill

Philosophy BA (2006)

Now working as a Head of Department in a school in central London.


Samantha Godwin

Philosophy BA (2008)

I am currently a JD Candidate at Georgetown University.


Richard Hackett

Philosophy BA (2002)

I'm about to begin the Jet programme, working as an assistant English Teacher in Kobe, Japan. Currently desperately trying to get my head around one of the three writing systems and feeling rather illiterate.


Henry Humphreys

Philosophy BA (2002)

About to start a training contract at a City law firm.


Emma-Louise Jay

Philosophy BA (2005)

I did a BA Hons in Philosophy at University College London specialising in phenomenology 2002-2005 then took an MSc in Philosophy of Mental Disorder at Kings College London at the Institute of Psychiatry and the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust specialising in Depersonalisation Disorder 2005-2006. I then took a Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology at Oxford Brookes in 2007 completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology in 2008. My research was in Depersonalisation, the HPA axis and hypnotic induced suggestibility. I am now working as a psychologist researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry in London where I specialise in ethical boundaries to pharmacogenomics and depersonalisation. I hope to start my PhD next year here. I live in St John's Wood London.

Elizabeth Kennedy

Philosophy BA (2003)

I'm currently doing an internship in Brussels at the European Commission. Will be going back to Paris in October to do a Masters in Sciences.


Mariam Khalid

Philosophy BA (2000)

Data Mining Consultant at Angoss Software Corp. Toronto, Canada. I.T. is a great potential field of Philosophy grads if anyone is thinking of alternative careers.


Mark Knight

Philosophy BA (2003)


Alexander Kudlich

Philosophy MA (2005)

I am currently working for Zanox, the leading affiliate network in continental Europe.

Marcus Labude

Philosophy MA (2005)



Simon Lloyds
Philosophy BA (2004)
Tomas McGrail White Philosophy BA (2002)
Anna McNally

Philosophy BA (2002)

After my philosophy degree I decided that I would very much like to wear tweed and cardigans for a living and I am now a qualified archivist. I am currently working at the Tate archives which doesn't feel very much like work at all. My days are spent looking at famous artist's sketchbooks, reading dead people's correspondence and shouting at academics when they bring cough sweets into the reader's room.


Matthew Minns

Philosophy BA (2001)

I’m living in London working for Imperial.  I’ve spent the last 3 years in Ghana working for a charity and the three years before that in Kosovo with the OSCE.


Charlotte Moody

Philosophy BA (2004)

I am still in London, in fact I have only moved about 100 yards from the department. I am currently working in theatre PR in the West End.


Isabella Muzio

PhD (2006)


Mala Nangla

Philosophy BA (2000)

Email: mnangla@hotmail.com

Joseph PA O'Mahoney

Philosophy BA (2003)

After graduating from UCL I decided to study for an MA Human Rights, Ethics and International Relations at the University of Kent, which I am doing until August 2004. After that I am teaching English in China, Fuzhou in Fujian province, on a British Council scheme for a year.


James Panton

Philosophy MPhil (2000)

I'm currently employed at Politics Tutor at St John 's College in Oxford and I'm co-founder of the Manifesto Club. www.manifestoclub.com


Alik Pelman

PhD (2007)


Mary Westcott

Philosophy BA (2003)

I worked hard to forget how to think properly, as if I knew, and am now a barrister in London.


Stephen Whitfield

Philosophy and French BA (2001)


Tom Williams

Philosophy BA (2005)

Working as a literary agent in London.


Peter Worley

Philosophy BA (2000)

Peter received a great deal of media coverage about his Philosophy in Schools progamme.