UCL Philosophy


1980 - 1989

Name A - Z


Martin Beckford

Philosophy BA (1989)

I have worked as a news reporter in the City, for a lads mag, on a local paper and at the Old Bailey and am now Social & Religious Affairs Correspondent for The Daily Telegraph.


Kevin Brice

Philosophy BA (1989)

A year or so after graduating I moved to Indonesia where I lived for almost 11 years. After returning to the UK I started working in HE and am now at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. I am involved in research on Muslims in Britain and have published a number of articles on White British Muslims and converts to Islam in the UK - see http://www.mbrn.org.uk/members/bricekevin.html for my academic profile.

k. brice@tsd.ac.uk

John Champion

Philosophy BA (1987)

I went lowbrow and became a lawyer, and am now an arbitrator based in Singapore since 1996, handling international commercial dispute resolution. 

Haven't completely given up philosophy though...


Matt Cherry

Philosophy BA (1989)

Currently Executive Director of the Institute for Humanist Studies and president of the United Nations NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief. Married to Shannon with twin daughters, Lyra and Sophia, born in 2006. Living in New York State but still visiting the old country.


Elaine Collins

Elaine Collins

Philosophy BA (1983)

Elaine is commercial director for the genealogy website findmypast.com and is preparing hard for the launch of the 1911 census. She lectures and broadcasts on family history topics and insomniacs will regularly find her on the Radio 5 Up All Night genealogy phone-ins. Married to fellow alumnus Jo Wolff and living in central London with their son Max.


Paul Connolly

Philosophy BA (1980)

Since leaving UCL, I have devoted my working life to the theory and practice of that three-letter thing ending in 'x' that is so important to all of us.

That's right - tax.

After three years in the civil service, I spent 10 years in private sector consultancy. I recently rejoined that sector after 9 years in banking, in order to make my fortune before decrepitude overtakes me.


Steve Coutinho

Philosophy BA (1987)
Philosophy MA (1991)

After UCL I studied classical Chinese language and philosophy at the University of Hawai`i where I got my PhD. Now I am a professor of philosophy specializing in Asian and comparative philosophy.


David Denby

Philosophy BA (1986)

Moved to the US in 1989 after doing a BPhil at Oxford. Currently teaching Philosophy at Tufts University just north of Boston. Married with three sons.

David.Denby [ at ] tufts.edu

Simon Evine

Philosophy BA (1987)

I'm teaching philosophy at the University of Miami in Florida. Who'da thunk it!


Stuart Green

Affiliate Student (1981)

I was a visiting student in the Department during the 1981-82 academic year and subsequently earned my BA from Tufts and JD from Yale. I now teach and write about the philosophy of criminal law at Rutgers School of Law, Newark. My latest book is 'Lying, Cheating and Stealing: A Moral Theory of White Collar Crime' (Oxford University Press, 2006).


Mary Hall (née Burger)

Philosophy BA (1985)

Having taken Finals whilst 'big with child', I spent several years happily married to a UCH medical graduate before being widowed in 1989. I have spent the intervening years bringing up my three children.and yes, philosophy does have uses in child-rearing. 'Please', for instance is a necessary but not sufficient condition, NOT a magic word. Remarried at the end of last year and it looks as though I am about to embark on a second round of motherhood. I am soon to finish an OU degree in Mathematical Science which I have been studying in between organic gardening and family management. It would be good to hear of other oldies like me who graduated before 1990.


Mark Hannam

Mark Hannam

PhD (1989)

I spent 15 years working as an investment manager in the City before taking Voltaire's advice to spend more time in my garden. 

Since 2005 I have embarked upon a new career, first as the non-executive Chair of a social business in London and second as a writer on finance, philosophy and social business.  More details are on my website: www.markhannam.com


D. H. Kerby

D H Kerby

Affiliate Student (1985)

I am a poet. I've written a book, IT FELL FROM THE SKY, IT MUST BE OURS: A POEM FOR PEACE WITH JUSTICE. It is out on Blitz Publications of Bangladesh. I am also a writer of political essays, or, to be more pedestrian about it, journalism. I recently spent eight days indigent in Bangkok, due to the omissions of the United States Embassy there, but I am trying to turn the other cheek; I was baptized in the Anglican Church several years ago, which will come as a surprise to those of you who remember me as an atheistic Marxist. I've decided that there is no contradiction in believing in a loving and forgiving God and in a moral duty to elevate suffering humanity and to value social justice. I'm working on my second book, a collection of poems about a year I recently spent living in Paris, which may include some material written after the Bangkok ordeal. I may be one of the few alumni of UCL's philosophy department who has not served in a country's military who can say that he has survived an attempt on his life, and I do not refer to being abandoned to penury by America's outpost in Thailand!


Ann-Marie Kinsey

Philosophy & Economics BA (1985)

I graduated in Philosophy and Economics in 1985 and started work as Deputy City Editor at Independent Radio News straightaway. I stayed in financial journalism full time until 1994 working at Thames Television and the BBC then moved into teaching broadcast journalism. In 1990 I received a Wincott Award for Excellence in Financial Journalism and after returning to freelance work after the birth of my first child worked for the BBC Business Unit presenting Financial World Tonight and Wake Up to Money. I'm now Senior Lecturer in the Department of Journalism Studies at the University of Sheffield looking after taught postgraduates. I remember my time in the department with great fondness. Those three years were one of the most stimulating periods of my life.


Brandon Laughren

Affiliate Student (1986)

I attended UCL for one academic year (1986/87) through an American University. It was a very important year in my education and development so I will always hold UCL dear in my heart.


Gavin Launder

Philosophy & Economics BA (1985)

I am currently a portfolio manager for a large investment institution in the City. I have four children - the eldest about to leave school and the youngest about to start - and yes; all from the same long suffering wife!


Nick Marsh

Philosophy BA (1987)

Headhunting in Singapore.

n g l marsh@hotmail. com

Derek Matravers

Philosophy BA (1987)

After UCL, I did a PhD in Philosophy at Cambridge. I stayed on for a Research Fellowship, after which I moved to the Open University where I am now a Senior Lecturer.


Ruth Mayer

Philosophy BA (1988)

In London married with 2 small children whom I look after full time. Worked in the catering industry setting up my own café / deli in West London. Currently studying Accountancy.


Farhana Mowjee

Philosophy BA (1982)

From 1982 to 1984 I worked in teaching in Pakistan. From 1985 to 1988 I trained and qualified as a chartered accountant in the UK. I continued living in the UK until 1991 when I moved back to Pakistan where I run a manufacturing business. Philosophy was a great base from which to do all these things. It is an ideal first degree to have. I still have close links in the UK and enjoy the city of London a lot.

farhana.mowjee @razaquesteels.com

Charles Mulholland

Philosophy BA (1984)

Completed an MA in philosophy at the OU in 2007.


Jennifer Nagel

Affiliate Student (1987)

I was at UCL in 1987/8 visiting from Canada. I had in fact applied to study English Literature at UCL and through some crazy mistake was instead admitted in Philosophy. Philosophy was so good I am still stuck in it and am now Associate Professor at the University of Toronto.


Gary Olstrolenk

Philosophy BA (1982)

After three exciting years at UCL I couldn’t settle at Oxford for the B.Phil and left after a year.  Now making a living as an IT architect for RBS and living in London. Very fond memories of the department.


Richard Winter

Philosophy & Economics BA (1985)

Currently partner PwC and Trustee of Save the Children.


Jonathan Wolff
Philosophy BA (1983)
Philosophy MPhil (1985)

Still here...