UCL Philosophy
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1970 - 1979

Name A - Z


Clayre Bryans

Clayre Bryans
Philosophy BA (1978)

Peter Cave

Philosophy BA (1972)

After UCL, research at King's, Cambridge - researching now in Soho, so to speak, as well as some lecturing, writing, broadcasting, anguishing and even financial advising, to say nothing of the obligatory wine imbibing.


Ken Follett

Ken Follett

Philosophy BA (1970)

After five years as a journalist and three more years in book publishing, I became a writer of popular novels, and have being doing that ever since.


Jeremy Teraoka

Philosophy BA (1978)

Director and Co-Founder of a Biotech company developing small molecule drugs for cancer therapies.


Jenny Ward (née Kirschel)

Philosophy BA (1974)

Married with 3 children. Been involved with Tibetan Buddhism for nearly 30 years and established a Buddhism retreat centre in Tasmania, Australia.


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