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MSc in Pharmacy Practice

The aim of the advanced practice postgraduate MSc is to support practitioners to attain excellence in the core skills and knowledge they require to practice in an effective way at the highest level in the workplace.

The focus of the programme is on the development of advanced knowledge and skills in:

  • Education, Training and Development
  • Management and Leadership
  • Research and Evaluation

The programme is designed on a philosophy of student centered workplace learning, specifically aligned with the APF (Advanced Pharmacy Framework). The programme will support further development of self reliance and an independent approach to learning in support of professional development. Practitioners undertaking this advanced practice programme are expected to take responsibility for their learning and achieving the programme objectives through work-based professional development.

Length and mode

There will be 10 learning sets and a requirement for completion of a series of work-based assignments over 12 months.


Annual intake of students is in late September and the course lasts a full calendar year.


The fees for 2014-15 are £2,750.
The APL/APEL (Accreditation of Prior Learning/Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning) fee for mapping those without a Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacy Practice will be £100. If you wish to apply for APL, then you need to read the UCL APL policy (Appendix 1 of the Academic Regulations) and complete and Submit the APL form along with the £100 fee (Appendix 2 of the Academic Regulations). Both documents can be found here.

Programme structure

The MSc programme is organised as:

  • 10 learning sets every 4 or 5 weeks.  (The first and last learning sets will be full days and the remaining learning sets will be half days.)
  • A series of work-based assignments (linked to the APF).
  • Professional Portfolio development linked to the APF.


The learning outcomes for this programme are underpinned by the APF (Advanced Pharmacy Framework http://www.codeg.org/).  Assignments will be marked according to UCL School of Pharmacy marking guidelines.  Practitioners’ portfolios will also be assessed at viva.  The viva will also assess the practitioner’s knowledge and experience across all core competency areas for each APF cluster at “Advanced Stage II” level of competence.

Final award

The Final Award is an MSc in Pharmacy Practice.

Entry requirements

Applicants must:

be an experienced pharmacist working at NHS Band 8 or with at least 4 years' experience at NHS Band 7 (or equivalent for non-NHS pharmacists).


have completed the Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Pharmacy Practice or the Postgraduate Diploma in General Pharmacy Practice at the UCL School of Pharmacy or an equivalent from another University (at the discretion of the Programme Director);


provide a portfolio of evidence of prior learning and experience (equivalent to a Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacy) and undergo a formal interview with an APL/APEL (Accreditation of prior experience and learning) panel to verify this.

Note: All applicants will be required to submit a CV. Applicant CVs must include AfC banding for all NHS posts, and clear start and end dates for all qualifications and posts.

How to apply and application form

Applications must be made here by means of the online application form. Applicants should submit their CV to the Programme Administrator, Mrs Akua Boakye at sop.professionalcourses@ucl.ac.uk

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