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MSc in Drug Delivery

For graduates wishing to pursue a research degree or a career in product development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Drug Delivery

No drug, no matter how novel or potent, is administered in a pure form. The reasons for this are myriad and vary from drug to drug; a selection of factors would include poor solubility, permeability, taste, stability and or potency. Thus, drugs are formulated into a drug delivery system (DDS), the final package being the marketed medicine. Formulation of a DDS, and so creation of a medicine, is thus the step between drug synthesis and drug administration; the science of medicine design is called pharmaceutics. Careful selection of the DDS is a critical factor in determining the commercial viability of a new drug and is a major focus of the research and development efforts in both academia and industry. The science underpinning the formulation of medicines can be complex and broader in scope than that covered in undergraduate pharmacy degree programs. Recognition therefore that many pharmacy graduates may require further scientific knowledge and transferable skills in order to pursue a successful career in industry or academia led to the introduction of the MSc in Drug Delivery in 2002. Since then the course, which has proved very successful, has been subject to continued development and at present aims to;

  • Educate students in the science of successful medicine design, development and manufacture
  • Equip students with the transferable practical skills and knowledge to forge successful careers in academia or the pharmaceutical industry
  • Provide a research experience that encourages development of independent thought and research ideology
  • Sustain continuing professional development
  • Work with the UK pharmaceutical industry to ensure course material is timely, relevant and has practical application
 Course Details
Length and Mode 12 months full-time
Calendar Starts in late September
Number of Places Up to 40
Programme Director

Dr Gareth Williams
Department of Pharmaceutics

Tel. +44 (0)20 7753 5868

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