UCL School of Pharmacy hosts ULLA Summer School

2 August 2013

Visitors from across Europe joined us recently for the 11th ULLA Summer School, which took place from the 7th July to the 13th July. About 180 students as well as staff members from across the ULLA consortium met for a week of opportunities for training in the diverse fields of pharmacy, including pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmacognosy/natural product research, microbiology, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry and pharmacy practice. It also offered a wide range of opportunities for postgraduate training through a total of 32 specific courses.  Opportunities for networking with experienced colleagues in the pharmaceutical sector (the major pharmaceutical companies, regulatory bodies, SMEs) were a core part of the event, which proved to be very successful with our visiting students. The event provided excellent opportunities for networking and provided a forum for debate about new medicines, how they can be developed and how they can be used in clinical and community practice.

ULLA Summer School

ULLA was founded in 1992 as a European Consortium for (Post Graduate) training in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. ULLA takes the name from the cities of the founding universities of the consortium, namely Uppsala (Sweden), London (UK), Leiden and Amsterdam (Holland). It now also faculties with postgraduate research programmes at the universities of Copenhagen, Paris Sud (France), Parma (Italy) and Leuven (Belgium). At the recent Executive meeting in London the University of Helsinki (Finland) was admitted as the ninth partner. The next summer school will be in Paris in 2015.

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