Symposium at Kew: Can medicine be your food?

2 August 2013

Herbal medicines are important in the UK, either alone or in addition to conventional treatment, which presents difficulties for the conventionally-trained pharmacist, doctor, nurse, dentist, and other health care professionals. These pharmacologically active products are often used concomitantly with other medicines.

Herbal medicines are classed as medicinal products by the MHRA and there are discussions about which products fall under this category. A vast number of medicinal plants are also used as foods or in cosmetic preparations. A key problem is the borderline between these groups and the implications this has for supplying consumers with safe, high-quality products. This symposium brings together experts in the area medicinal plant research and the regulation of herbal medicinal products. It will focus on how to ascertain that the UK has access to the best products which are sold with appropriate claims and with a sound scientific basis.

The symposium will take place in the Jodrell Laboratory at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, on Monday 28th October 2013. To register for the event and for further information, please go to:

For any queries, please contact Professor Michael Heinrich or Dr Sarah Edwards.

Symposium brochure: Can medicine be your food? (PDF)

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