UCL School of Pharmacy


Dr Sally Oxenford

Medicinal Chemist, Drug Discovery Group, Translational Research Office

Tel: 0207 753 5973

Research interests

Dr Oxenford completed her PhD in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of York before joining Piramed in 2005 where she worked on a project looking for PI3K inhibitors for oncology. After Piramed was bought by Roche in 2008, she moved to Cellzome where she continued working on projects looking for selective kinase inhibitors for the treatment of immuno-inflammation diseases. She joined the Translational Research Office in November 2012. Her research interests include:

  • Member of Drug Discovery Cluster
  • Small molecule drug discovery from target validation through to candidate selection
  • Medicinal chemistry, compound design and molecular property profiling
  • Design and synthesis of small molecule libraries for screening
  • Hit identification strategies, hit validation and expansion strategies. Hits-to-Leads process-finding starting points for new small molecule drug discovery projects

Current collaborations and partnerships

  • Developing novel inhibitors for novel kinase drug discovery targets (Dr Alan Holmes, Senior Research Associate, Inflammation, Royal Free Hospital, UCL; Prof Ivan Gout, Professor of Cancer Biochemistry Structural & Molecular Biology, UCL; Prof Bart Vanhaesebroeck, Cell Signalling - UCL Cancer Institute)
  • Developing novel anti-infective treatments for bacterial and viral infections (Prof Greg Towers, Professor of Molecular Virology, UCL; Prof Mark Marsh, Director, UCL Lab for Molecular Cell Biology)

Dr Sally Oxenford


  • Research Associate
    Translational Research Office
    VP: Health

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