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Centre for Behavioural Medicine

Director of Centre:

Professor Rob Horne

About the Centre:

Professor Rob Horne joined the School in September 2006 to form the Centre for Behavioural Medicine. The overall aim of the Centre is to make healthcare more efficient by understanding and addressing the psychological and behavioural factors explaining variation in response to treatment.

Professor Horne was previously Professor of Psychology in Health Care and Director of the Centre for Health Care Research at the University of Brighton. To date, his main focus has been to address a key problem in health care delivery: the fact that over a third of prescribed medication is not taken as recommended. His work addresses this problem through a phased approach to developing effective interventions to non-adherence.

Initial studies have resulted in the development of valid and reliable questionnaire-based methods for assessing patients' perceptions of illness and treatment. The application of these tools in explanatory studies has identified some of the key cognitive and emotional barriers to medication management and other self-management behaviours, across a range of chronic illnesses and has also contributed to the development of theory. Taken together it provides the basis for pragmatic theory-based interventions that is the focus of the Centre's research today.

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