Centre for Drug Delivery Research

Head of Centre:

Professor Kostas Kostarelos

About the Centre:
Welcome to one of the very first research centres focusing on drug delivery research in the UK and worldwide. The Centre was founded in 1990 by Professor A T Florence, former Dean of The School of Pharmacy, and Professor G Gregoriadis, now Emeritus Professor and Chief Scientific Officer of Lipoxen Ltd. Professor Oya Alpar was the immediate past Head of the CDDR.

All member laboratories have transformed the CDDR into an international centre renowned for advanced, cutting-edge drug delivery research through their pioneering work in various fields of delivery system development including liposomes, polymers, oral delivery systems, vaccines, dendrimers, carbon nanotubes and other nanoparticle systems.

The Centre now consists of three groups that share common goals and the infrastructure that allows us to perform research in developing advanced delivery systems. Our shared goal is to generate knowledge that will allow novel and advanced delivery systems for a variety of applications to reach the clinic fast and effectively. From immunological studies to anticancer therapeutics and from gene delivery to fundamental colloid science and engineering of nanosystems, researchers in the Centre are involved in a truly multidisciplinary exercise.

The Centre has been a regular meeting point for worldwide leaders in their respective fields of research, by hosting a series of meetings and conferences such as Liposome Advances, organised by Professor Gregoriadis since 1990, a landmark meeting for liposome research today.

Since its foundation, the Centre has trained hundreds of PhD, Masters, Undergraduate, and Visiting students and has hosted dozens of Visiting Scientists from over 80 countries, significantly contributing to the education and research training of drug delivery experts around the world.

Academic members of the Centre lecture on the undergraduate MPharm degree programme and on the postgraduate degrees offered by The School of Pharmacy. The Centre is particularly involved with the MSc in Drug Delivery programme, which Prof Kostarelos jointly directed with other members of the Pharmaceutics Department for five years.

Research Groups at the Centre:

The Nanomedicine Laboratory headed by Professor K Kostarelos

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