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Ms Catherine Baumber
Departmental Secretary
Tel: +44 (0)20 7753 5870
Fax: +44 (0)20 7753 5942

Department of Pharmaceutics

Head of Department:

Dr Simon Gaisford

About the Department:

The Department’s research activities centre on formulation science and drug delivery, with particular strengths in pharmaceutical materials science and processing, drug delivery, clinical pharmaceutics science and pharmaceutical microbiology. Our research is encompassed in the Research Themes: Formulation Sciences and Drug Discovery.

Research in Materials Science and Processing focuses on the fundamental properties of materials and their adaptation to optimise processing and enhance drug delivery. Expertise in drug delivery and biopharmaceutics includes: inhaled drug delivery; delivery to and through the skin; delivery through the gastro-intestinal tract; the use of polymers and carriers in drug delivery and anti-cancer drug delivery. Our research in clinical pharmaceutics aims to engineer and evaluate clinically relevant formulations and our collaborators include Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Institute for Child Health, Moorfield’s Eye Hospital and University College London Hospital. Microbiology research is focussed in two areas: overcoming antibiotic resistance and the development of new anti-infectives.

Departmental staff teach on the MPharm degree programme in the areas of drug delivery, formulation science, microbiology and pharmacy production. The Department is also responsible for running the highly popular MSc in Drug Delivery.

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