Centre for Cancer Medicines


Professor Stephen Neidle

About the Centre

The role of the Centre for Cancer Medicines (CCM) is to foster multi-disciplinary collaborations between those members of the School involved in various aspects of cancer studies, and to enhance links with external organisations and cancer research groups, especially with clinical colleagues.

We aim in particular to emphasise the unique role that the pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice at the School can play in discovering and then taking new and established cancer medicines from bench to bedside.

The CCM has laboratories in the new Molecular Pharmacy building at the School, for cancer pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. Two CRUK Research Groups are also associated with the Centre.Other work is funded by the Association for International Cancer Research, the EU, EPSRC, BBSRC and industry. 

Current Research Activity

  • Structure-based drug discovery and medicinal chemistry of new drugs
  • Biomimetic and natural product chemistry
  • Drug and gene delivery
  • Cancer pharmacology and new drug development
  • Cancer health policy

Other activities

There is a thriving seminar series, generously supported by Cancer Research UK, which regularly brings a number of distinguished experts in these areas to the School.

Core Members

Stephen Neidle (Director), Professor of Chemical Biology & CRUK Professorial Fellow
David Taylor, Professor of Pharmaceutical and Public Health Policy
Andreas Schatzlein, Reader in Cancer Pharmacology
Kostas Kostarelos, Chair of Nanomedicine and Head, Centre for Drug Delivery Research
All members of the Centre have affiliations with other Departments and Centres in the School.

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