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Computer Unit

About the Unit:

The Computer Unit provides IT support, maintenance and consultation for both staff and students within the School. Students can access a variety of packages, from wordprocessors to CAL (Computer Aided Learning) software and do not have to compete for access with students from other courses. Students also have access to e-learning via the Blackboard system which allows them to interact and collect coursework.  Facilities include access to internet, email, scanners, as well as free laser printing for coursework material and research.  We also offer students limited colour laser printing.

Our computing and multimedia facilities have recently been enhanced, with the redevelopment of a larger user room to provide a new multimedia computing/teaching room for undergraduates with the provision of 33 computers in the main user room. We also have a second user room with scanning facilities and a computer compartment confined within a laboratory for teaching and general use.  We have secured funding to increase futher our user room capacity and this development will be progressing shortly.

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