UCL School of Pharmacy welcomes Shenyang Pharmaceutical University

The UCL School of Pharmacy welcomed a group of students from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University (SPU), one of the top pharmaceutical universities in China, on 19th July 2013. There were 16 students, led by Yanfeng Wang (Dean of Party and Executive Office, SPU). A series of welcome and introductory speeches were given by Prof Duncan Craig (Director, UCL School of Pharmacy), Dr Mike Munday (Academic Director of Studies) and Julie Rolls (International Liaison & Recruitment Manager, UCL International Office). A lunch session was also organised for students from both universities to exchange study experience and research ideas. The visit not only provided a good opportunity for SPU students to see the UCL School of Pharmacy and to meet staff and students, but it also enabled the two universities to discuss future collaborations. 

Shenyang Pharmaceutical University group July 2013

UCL delegation: Prof Duncan Craig (first from left, front), Dr Mike Munday (third from left, front), Prof Simon Gibbons (second from right, front), Julie Rolls (first from right, front), Dr Li Wei (first from left, 2nd row), Dr Susan Barker (3rd row) and Dr Min Zhao (first from left, 4th row). SPU: Yangfeng Wang (second from left, front).

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