UCL School of Pharmacy professor wins national award for developing effective treatment for brain diseases

Ijeoma Uchegbu, Professor of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience, at UCL School of Pharmacy, has won the Pharmaceutical Scientist of the Year Award from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. The award was given for developing technologies for the treatment of brain diseases.

Treatment of certain brain diseases is challenging, as the majority of medicines used undergo degradation before they are even delivered to the central nervous system or simply cannot access the brain. Various methods have been designed to enable their effective administration and have worked, but with limited success. The key to success of Professor Uchegbu’s delivery system is a polymer which protects the actual brain treatment drugs from degradation, and enables the drugs to access the brain.

“Our nanoparticle delivery system, based on a polymer designed within UCL research group, enables peptide delivery to the brain via both the intravenous and oral routes”, said Professor Uchegbu. “We hope it will improve the treatment of central nervous system diseases, such as neurodegerative diseases and severe and chronic neuropathic pain”.

Jayne Lawrence, RPS Chief Scientist said: “Professor Uchegbu has made fantastic contributions to the management of brain diseases which give hope to all patients struggling with them. This is a really pioneering and innovative approach which greatly improves on current methods of treatment. The award is very well-deserved”.

Professor Uchegbu and her team will soon commence the second phase of the project. It will be aimed at the clinical development of a pain drug based on the technology identified in the awarded project.

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