Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology journal launched

A brand new journal - Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology was launched in January 2013. Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu is its editor in chief.  Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, published by Bentham Science Publishers, will publish work on new paradigms, concepts and materials relating to the fabrication of medicines and diagnostics by exploiting the special materials properties residing at the nanoscale.  The journal has already, after just one issue, been indexed by Chemical Abstracts and has an editorial board comprising real innovators in the pharmaceutical nanotechnology world.  Editorial Advisory Board members include Professor Vladimir Torchilin of NorthEastern University in Boston, Professor Lisbeth Illum of the University of Nottingham and Professor Martyn Davies of Molecular Profiles and University of Nottingham. 

The official launch of the journal will take place at the 2013 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting in San Antonio USA.  Professor Uchegbu says, "We are really excited about this journal and we are aiming for Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology to be the go to journal for pharmaceutical nanoscientists all over the world.  So far and we have been pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume and quality of papers that we have received."  

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