UCL & London 2012 Olympics

Advice for Staff and Students

Olympic Games: 27 July - 12 Aug 2012
Paralympic Games: 29 Aug - 9 Sept 2012

The Olympic site at Stratford will be equivalent to 3 Wembley Stadiums. There are 22 competition venues in London. There has been £6.5bn worth of transport upgrades. An event on this scale will present serious challenges if we fail to plan ahead.

This website aims to raise awareness of the games, provide advice on your commute and encourage forward planning of deliveries and supplies.

Travel Restrictions

Almost every station servicing UCL has been designated a Travel Hotspot. TFL have warned us to expect delays of up to 40 minutes on journeys through London and stations are likely to close at short notice due to overcrowding.  

Road Restrictions

The Olympic Route Network (ORN) is a network of roads connecting venues, accommodation and transport hubs for key participants. It will operate from 25 July to 13 August between 06.00 and midnight. There will be ‘Games Lanes’ for accredited vehicles which will receive preferential traffic signals and fines will be imposed for infringement.

The ORN will run along Euston Road, Upper Woburn, through Russell Square in both directions.

There will also be a media hub based in Russell Square with security checkpoints and restricted vehicle movement from 25 July to 13 August every day between 05.30 and 17.00.

We must therefore expect a major impact on deliveries.

Delivery & Dispatch Restrictions

If your delivery is not critical we would advise postponing until after the Olympic Period.

Where deliveries or collections are absolutely critical, these may need to happen outside of normal working hours.

Deliveries to the Front Quad will be accepted before 9 am but will be redirected to Gordon Street or Gower Place after this time.

UCL Travel Footprint

Most commutes are habitual; we ask you to question that behaviour for two weeks this summer as we must reduce our Travel Footprint during the busiest periods.

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