New era of printing medicines discussed in the Pharmaceutical Journal

Recent work by Dr Simon Gaisford and his team using ink-jet printing to isolate new pharmaceutical physical forms has been discussed in a recent article in the Pharmaceutical Journal. Dr Gaisford explained how his team had been able to print co-crystals and metastable polymorphs using ink-jet printing and reported that the work led to a recent collaborative EPSRC award of £1.24m to continue the work. He also discussed some of the future applications of printing medicines, including personalised dosing and 3-D printing of individual tablets. Dr Gaisford said "The use of printer technology has huge potential benefits to the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical polymorphs and to personalised-dosage forms while simultaneously capturing wide public interest. I am delighted that the Pharmaceutical Journal recognised this important area and was able to feature the work to its wide readership"

Please click here for a link to the article: http://www.pjonline.com/news/printing_medicines_a_new_era_of_dispensing_and_drug_formulation

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