Probiotic lactobacillis bacteria

Probiotic viability study featured in national press

A recent study by Dr Simon Gaisford’s group has shed new light on the viability of solid and liquid probiotic formulations and was reported in the Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Times and The Telegraph. It found that liquid products were in general capable of delivering more viable bacteria than solid products. It also suggested that taking products in the fasted state gave the best chance of successful delivery. More...

Professor Abdul Basit

Professor Abdul Basit receives Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Award

Professor Abdul Basit of the UCL School of Pharmacy is this year’s recipient of the prestigious Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS) Award. More...


Physiological Society Undergraduate Prize 2014

The School would like to congratulate Courage Shilangu on the award of The Physiological Society Undergraduate Prize. Courage was nominated for his research project on the effects of KCNQ inhibitors on smooth muscle which was supervised by Dr Mala Shah.


Licensed to Cure: Undervaluing New Medicines Threatens Patient Wellbeing and Economic Growth

Innovative medicines and other new therapies have extended life expectancy by some 10 years since the 1950s, and contributed significantly to the UK’s prosperity. But Licensed to Cure?, a new report published by the UCL School of Pharmacy, warns that if bodies such as NICE under‐estimate the value of their benefits this will undermine investment in research and treatment development.

Brain cogs

UCL School of Pharmacy staff featured in policy document from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Three members of staff from the Department of Pharmacy Practice have been highlighted as examples of pharmaceutical scientists who have made significant contributions to their field of work. More...