AV Equipment

All our conference rooms are equipped with a PC and are connected to the internet. The PCs have MS-Windows XP with MS-Powerpoint installed, a CD/DVD drive, a USB socket and a cable for use with a laptop PC. With the exception of the Wilkins Room, the PC is part of an integrated podium unit connected to a projector. The large rooms have an interactive touch screen built into the podium while some of the smaller rooms have an integrated interactive whiteboard. Screens vary in size depending on the size and purpose of the room.

Visualisers, integrated into the display system, for projecting both transparent and printed material, are available in the Maplethorpe, John Hanbury, and room 225.

The Wilkins room is equipped with a large plasma TV display connected to a computer with the standard configuration as above.

Flip charts and pens can be supplied if required.

Full instructions for the use of AV equipment are available in all conference rooms and can be supplied prior to the booking date.

AV support is not available during evenings and weekends, but we are happy to arrange for a member of your team to receive a training session on the equipment in the room you hire, by arrangement. All equipment is checked prior to use.

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