Helping students transition to university

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UCL provides incoming first-year students with pastoral and academic support via Transition Mentors. These mentors are higher year undergraduates in the same department who are trained to help the first years to adjust to university life, particularly in the first term but also throughout the first year.

The Transition website has a suite of resources to assist students and mentors in this process. It is helpful for Personal Tutors to be aware of the difficulties students can have adjusting to life at UCL, the resources offered by the Transition Programme and for them to refer these to their tutees when appropriate.

Palgrave Skills4Study Module: Getting ready for academic study

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You might also want to direct students to the module on getting ready for academic study from Palgrave's Skils4Study Campus. It's free using their UCL login.

The module includes the following topics:

  • What to expect
  • Developing your skills
  • Studying more effectively
  • Strategies for learning

Quick access: Getting ready for academic study

Feel free to embed this link in the resources you supply for your new students

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