The role of the Personal Tutor

PPD is not a system that many students will engage with on their own, especially as it does not explicitly seem to contribute to their grades.

Personal Tutors sit in a good position to scaffold this process, as they can provide the space for students to start to think about their wider development. By providing the opportunity to reflect on their future aspirations, and the steps they need to take to get there, Personal Tutors will give weight to the importance of starting to think about these things early on.

Student are not always very good at recognising their achievements. A Personal Tutor can help them become more self-reflective by asking questions to get them thinking about areas of strength. Eventually, and done in the right way, this will be a more natural process for students.

It is vital that students see staff are committed to the ethos of PPD

Personal Tutors, therefore, play an important role in the PPD process by:

  • Introducing them to the PPD system as a part of their tutorial meetings
  • Making students aware of the benefits of PPD
  • Directing them to the PPD website / student user guide
  • Asking them questions to help them self-assess
  • Having them think of their overall development - not just the progress they are making on their formal course of study
  • Asking them the questions they would have liked to have been asked when they were a student

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