Benefits of PPD for students

"Academic achievements are not the only important thing you take away from university; you develop into an adult, you make lifelong friends, you become you."

- UCL Student, School of Pharmacy

UCL has long believed in the importance of the personal and professional development of its students. Its relevance to all aspects of the student experience is well recognised and it has particular relevance to:


Provides a framework through which students can explore some of the skills, attributes and knowledge relevant to university level education. This can often be at variance to what they have experienced before.

Academic work

Allows students to think about the areas that they want to work on in order to succeed in their academic studies. It also provides a space for them to reflect on their personal strengths, increasing confidence in their abilities.

Extra-curricular activities

Development Planning is useful for students to pinpoint extra-curricular activities that will help them develop in ways that enable them to meet their goals and that is rewarding for them.

Future Aspirations

PPD helps students plan their learning journey by helping them think about what they want to achieve and then working backwards to identify the steps to get there.

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