Successfully integrating PPD into tutorials

Students will engage with the reflective process of PPD to different degrees. While the system is primarily a student resource the Personal Tutor plays an important role in helping students engage with and get the most out of it.

PPD is a system that requires active engagement and it is unlikely that students will take the initiative to begin that process of engagement. The Personal Tutor, then, can introduce the idea of personal and professional development by making it a part of the discussion during tutorials. By asking the right questions, and encouraging students to critically reflect on their development, the idea of PPD starts to become a natural part of the dialogue between tutor and tutee.

See, helping student self-assess

Planning PPD into tutorials

When planning tutorials it is a good idea to incorporate an over-arching structure that allows for:

  1. Initial discussion and audit of skills, attributes and knowledge
  2. Ongoing discussion and reflection of a student's development
  3. Evaluation of progress and a review of goals set

Group Tutorials

It can also be a good idea to include the PPD element in group tutorials to initiate discussion between students about their strengths and areas they want to work on. Hearing about the progress and reflections of peers can encourage students to reflect on their own development. 

Suggestions from Colleagues

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