Institutional Expectations

The provision of personal tutoring is widespread across the UK Higher Education sector, but practice varies considerably between institutions and departments.

Gathered here are the documents, policy and strategies that have been devised by UCL:

Academic Committee Requirements

Following decisions of the Academic Committee in July 2008 and in March 2010, every UCL department is expected to set up and conduct personal tutoring arrangements within new guidelines specified in Appendix AC 3/32 (09/10).

The key elements of these guidelines are:

Academic Committee Requirements

UCL Personal Tutoring Strategy

The intention behind UCL's Personal Tutoring Strategy is that all students:

  1. are given the opportunity to reflect on their learning and academic progress and to discuss and formulate appropriate strategies to fulfil their potential during their studies at UCL;
  2. are equipped with a lifelong approach to learning enabling continuing personal and intellectual growth;
  3. are provided with pastoral support which is tailored to their needs, enabling them to take full advantage of their time at UCL to develop and maintain a healthy and happy outlook on life;
  4. develop an awareness of the need for professional and career development and receive guidance on the planning and recording of skills development throughout their studies in order to realise their career aspirations;
  5. experience the benefits of working with peers and academic tutors within a supportive atmosphere.

UCL Policy Documents

UCL Academic Manualv2

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