What personal tutors contribute....

The idea behind personal tutoring is that students are proactive agents whose development and learning journey is guided by their personal tutor.

"My tutor is personable and intelligent in his field. Plus, he's not just here for me to come to for information, he actually is pro-active for me as far as internship applications, forwarding job notices, and keeping me and my fellow students abreast of current issues. Excellent relationship; I hope we make him proud!"

- UCL undergraduate, Institute of Archaeology

"I most enjoy talking to someone who is very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject and find the meeting very inspiring."

- UCL student, Anthropology

Personal Tutors have a lot to contribute to the student learning journey. Students find the opportunity to talk to academic staff about their development in a wider context extremely useful. Academic staff have a wealth of life experience they can impart to students. It can also be a very inspiring and motivating process for students as well as an opportunity for you to share the passion you have for your subject.

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