UCL's Support Structure

The College’s student support system is complex and extensive and a large number of staff share responsibility for students’ academic progress and general welfare. The overall co-ordinator of this network is the Director of Student Support and Wellbeing. Every department has a departmental tutor (some large departments have more than one). Each faculty has a faculty tutor who co-ordinates the work of the departmental tutors.

The system is not rigidly hierarchical and, although it is assumed that students requiring help will consult their personal tutor in the first instance, they do have the freedom to go anywhere in the chain of seniority.

About the roles

Personal Tutors

Personal Tutors develop a supportive, non-authoritarian role with a small group of students whom they get to know very well and who are expected to consult them over any problems that they encounter.  

Departmental Tutors

Departmental Tutors allocate personal tutors and co-ordinate their work; they are ultimately responsible for the academic progress, welfare and discipline of all students in their department but, except in very small departments, cannot hope to get to know them all individually.

Departmental tutors are responsible for much of the general running of their department from the student’s point of view. They usually have charge of departmental recruitment literature, selection and registration of courses, student registration and induction arrangements, progress and attendance records/reports, co-ordination of exam arrangements, scholarships and representation of students at examiners’ meetings. They are expected to ensure that references are provided for students. They liase with faculty tutors over matters of interruption in student study, deferred assessment for non-final-year exams and withdrawal from exams.

Departmental tutors are the natural port of call for students with queries about procedures and regulations but they also help their personal tutors deal with a variety of student problems.

Faculty Tutors

Faculty Tutors are the admissions officers for a faculty and liaise with the Registry over student registration, fees, examinations, and other academic matters; they are appointed by the Provost and charged with ensuring that each student’s registration, academic progress and examination entry details satisfy the relevant degree/diploma regulations.

Faculty tutors co-ordinate the work of departmental tutors and have overall charge of students’ academic progress, welfare and discipline within a faculty. They deal with a number of serious student problems referred to them by departmental and/or personal tutors. They deal directly with students who need advice on the options they face after failing or not taking major exams and with those who have difficulty paying their fees. They deal with interruption of student study, deferred assessment, and withdrawal from exams etc.

Some students contact faculty tutors directly, particularly if they have a grievance concerning their department.

Student Support and Wellbeing

Taking over the responsibilities of the former Dean of Students (Welfare), the department of Student Support and Wellbeing, led by Denise Long, is responsible for:

Adviser to Women Students

There is a member of academic staff to whom women students may turn for help either for specifically female problems or because they prefer to talk to a woman.

More information on the responsibilities of the Adviser to Women Students may be found in the online Academic Manual (link http://www.ucl.ac.uk/academic-manual/part-5), as well as relevant contact details.

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