The importance of personal tutoring and how this site can help

Video contributors and summary




Prof Anthony Smith
Everyone student should have someone who takes an interest in them and their academic progress – that is the basis of the personal tutoring system.
 2 Dr Ruth Siddall A Personal Tutor is a helpful adult for students living away from home.
 3 Dr Paul Walker By taking an interest in who a student is, a personal tutor can have a large impact on their learning experience.
 4 Prof Anthony Smith
Personal Tutors are a key resource for helping students to develop their personal learning journeys.
 5 Dr Jenny Marie Personal Tutoring is for all students, to help them get the most from their university experience.
 6 Ms Susan Ware A Personal Tutor is there to be a critical friend for students, who in the early years are undergoing a huge life change.
 7 Dr Anson Mackay, Personal Tutoring is important for giving students continuity.
 8 Prof Anthony Smith We’ve brought together resources and strategies to support you as a personal tutor.

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