Student life can be a shock for some, and it can present all kinds of academic and social challenges. As a student, you can feel under pressure to grow and adapt in an environment that can be fast paced, relentless, competitive, and emotionally demanding. It’s little wonder that at times you can feel tired, isolated, out-of-place, or simply overwhelmed by the sheer mass of people around you. While many of you will get what you want from university, some of you may find yourselves struggling, and feeling that you’re not getting what you wanted.

Student Psychological Services’ new Being@UCL workshops have been designed to help you to get the most out of your time at UCL at any point in your academic journey: to help you to draw on your strengths and talents, and to give you the confidence you need to meet the emotional challenges of university life as they come up. In the workshops, you’ll get to know other students facing similar challenges, and you’ll have the chance to share ideas and experiences in a supportive, confidential setting; you’ll take away new practical skills that will help you make the most of your relationships with fellow students, staff and your UCL community.

The workshops are funded by the university’s Access agreement and Widening Participation funds, and are a response to the university’s commitment to increasing the recruitment of students who come from groups that have traditionally been under-represented in further education, for example those who have been in local authority care; those who attended a low-performing or non-selective state school; those in the first generation of their family to attend university; those from disadvantaged backgrounds and lower socio-economic groups; those from low-participation neighbourhoods; those with a disability; and Black, or Black British, students. All UCL students are welcome, but under the university’s Access agreement, applications from students from under-represented groups will be given priority.

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