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18 June 2014


This four-session workshop is an introduction to Compassionate Mind Training. Compassionate Mind Training is an approach that can help people to manage self-criticism by developing a more compassionate and balanced outlook. Being self-critical is often a longstanding tendency that affects different aspects of life, including studying, interacting with others, and trying out new activities. When we frequently criticise ourselves, this can lead to other problems, such as anxiety, low confidence, shame, and low mood. Research has shown that developing more compassion for ourselves and others can have beneficial effects on our moods, wellbeing, and relationships. The first aim of the workshop is to help people to make sense of how our minds have developed over time, in order to explain how we can all get stuck in loops of self critical patterns of thinking. The second aim to reduce the impact of self-criticism on our lives by developing more compassion for ourselves, using experiential exercises. 

You will have an opportunity to:

- develop an understanding of the way our minds have developed, which can get us into habits, such as self criticism

- start to develop a more compassionate approach to your thinking and behaviour

practise different exercises during and in between sessions to become both more mindful of the flow of our thoughts and more compassionate to difficult feelings

share experiences in a safe environment with other students with similar issues

The workshop is open to anyone who feels that self criticism is impacting on their lives, and who would like to develop a more compassionate approach to themselves.

Dates: FOUR weekly 2 hour sessions

2nd July

9th July

16th July

23rd July

10am to 12pm

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