About Us

Personal Development Workshops are provided by UCL Student Psychological Services. The workshops programme has been running for over three years and we have grown to cover Assertiveness, Confidence Building, Overcoming Procrastination and Mindfulness Meditation.

We started with just a few workshops and are now scheduling up to 26 workshops each term and welcoming about 1000 students per academic year. 

Our success is due to our expert facilitators that have broadened the range of subjects we offer and due to the helpful feedback from students. 


Below are some quotes from students that have participated in our workshops.

"Weekly sessions encouraged me to be proactive during the week and it was reassuring to see and understand that others share similar problems and can empathise. I am genuinely more assertive than before and I have begun to see a difference and will continue to practice what I have learnt." - Assertiveness Skills Participant

"I had a chance to speak in a group and realise that there are ways of dealing with the anxieties. The atmosphere was very supportive and caring." - Speaking Out in Groups Participant

"I have benefitted from attending in more ways than one. It has been extremely beneficial, refreshing and enlightining. I will apply the techniques in my home, social and career life." - Extending Your Social Skills Participant

"I have learnt about myself and how I can change my thoughts/feelings and behaviour to my benefit. I have improved my coping and focus abilities and reduced anxiety to some degree that I hope to continue working on and improving." Mindfulness Meditation Participant

"I felt that I am not the only one suffering with these thoughts and issues. It was helpful to share things and discuss especially what unhelpful thoughts/behaviour are." CBT Depression & Anxiety Participant

"I feel that I have more confidence in myself and I am more content with having an emotional life and more in tune with it. I feel more powerful and capable, less fearful."  - Art Therapy Participant

"I am now managing my fear of exams and evaluations and I understand why I feel negative and how to feel positive. I am also able to relax when I am stressed about exams." - Stress Management for Exams Participant

"I have learned ways of overcoming anxiety before doing a presentation, especially how to calm myself down to concentrate on preparation instead of worrying too much about what consequences there would be if it goes wrong."  - Overcoming Presentations Anxiety Participant

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