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Welcome to the UCL Centre for Perinatal Brain Protection & Repair

Perinatal brain injury is a common cause of cerebral palsy and other neurodisability that affects 1-2 per 1000 live births in the UK. Globally, it has been estimated that such injury results in 1 million neonatal deaths annually. In addition to the devastating impact on individuals and families, the economic cost of caring for affected children is enormous, amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds per annum.

Despite many years of research into this area the rates of cerebral palsy and other neurodisability have not fallen, and the precise causes and mechanisms of injury to the newborn brain have yet to be fully explained. To better understand these complex issues requires the coordinated expertise of individuals from across scientific and clinical fields.

The UCL Centre for Perinatal Brain Protection and Repair was established in 2003 bringing together research groups from the Departments of Medical Physics & Bioengineering, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics & Child Health. This combination of world leading experts have a 20 year track record of groundbreaking research and international collaborations covering basic science, translational research, and the first successful clinical trials of neuroprotection. Ongoing research projects use combinations of state of art magnetic resonance, quantitative and qualitative histological assessment, near infra-red spectroscopy and electrophysiology.

We are working towards a detailed understanding of the process of injury and the development of protection and treatment strategies for the perinatal brain.

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