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Our high quality range of teaching programmes are led by senior academics and researchers, who are immersed in cutting edge areas of research and passionate about passing on their knowledge and experience to the future leaders of primary care and population health research.

Undergraduate (MBBS)

Postgraduate Taught (MSc)

Our module in Qualitative Research Method is offered on the Health & Medical Sciences (HMS) Programme, it can also be 1 to 5 day course depending on the delegates requirements.

Postgraduate Research (MPhil/PhD)

Short Courses

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Supervisors and Research Projects Available

The following listing provides an indication of the range of projects currently available. It is not intended to be prescriptive, nor absolute; only to give a flavour of the opportunities available. The particular path of the research may be dictated as much by student's interests and ideas as by the guidance of the supervisors.


Dr Greta Rait

  • Strategies to reduce attrition in randomised trials
  • Undergraduate Medical Education in Primary Care: Educational Policy Foucauldian Discourse Analysis and Ethnographic Research on Health Teams’ Management of Teaching and Health Care in the UK and Brazil.
  • Quality End of Life Care in Dementia: How do Family Carers View Quality
  • Vit D Childhood vitamin D deficiency in the UK – diagnosis, treatment and healthcare costs in primary and secondary care
  • Interest areas: Research in primary care, particularly in mental health and dementia, and in infection.

Dr Sophie Park

  • Primary Care Medical Education

Did you know?

  • UCL has more professors than any other UK university, meaning our students get taught by the most highly qualified experts in their field (Higher Education Statistics Agency 2011).
  • UCL graduates are sought after by top employers in the world. UCL was ranked 4th in the UK in The Guardian University Guide (2013) for employment prospects.
  • The Thomson Scientific Citation Index shows that UCL is the second most highly cited European university and 14th in the world. It is also the UK University most cited by health researchers

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