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Irene Petersen
Reader in Epidemiology and
Medical Statistics
Irene's work is focused on epidemiological research arising from primary care databases, including studies in infectious disease, mental health, cardiovascular disease and pharmacoepidemiology.  Profile
Emre Basatemur
Research Fellow
Emre is an academic trainee in Paediatrics, and is undertaking an NIHR funded PhD investigating the diagnosis and management of vitamin D deficiency in children in primary and secondary care. Profile
Nick Beckley
Research Associate
Nick is using THIN data to investigate the effects of lithium on dementia. Profile
Sonia Coton
PhD student 
Sonia is a PhD student using THIN data to research the risk of diabetes in pregnancy.   
Hilary Davies
PhD student
Hilary is a PhD student researching maternal alcohol and illicit drug intake and neonatal abstinence syndrome.   
Pia Hardelid
Senior Research Associate
Pia is working on examining the effectiveness of primary care interventions to prevent severe influenza in children. Profile
Sarah Hardoon
Senior Research Associate
Sarah's work is focused on cardiovascular diseases and mental health.   Profile
Laura Horsfall
Research Associate
Laura is using THIN data to look at the epidemiology and outcomes associated with a common genetic condition.  Profile
Louise Marston
Senior Research Associate
Louise is working on antipsychotic prescribing to those with and without a diagnosis of severe mental illness. Profile
Rachel McCrea
Research Associate
Rachel is working on a project on the risks and benefits of psychotropic medication taken during pregnancy. Profile
Tra My Pham
PhD student
Tra is a PhD student working on methods of handling missing data in longitudinal health records.  
Cormac Sammon
Research Associate
Cormac is using THIN data to investigate a number of topics in reproductive health including premenstrual syndrome, postnatal depression and the safety of drugs use in pregnancy. Profile
Manuj Sharma
PhD student
Manuj is a clinical pharmacist undertaking a PhD looking at prescribing patterns, safety and effectiveness of medications used in Type 2 Diabetes.  

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