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The Health Improvement Network (THIN) database is a large UK primary care database. The THIN Database Research Team uses this database, containing data collected from over 550 general practitioners spread over the UK, for research into cardiovascular disease, mental health, pharmacoepidemiology and other fields of primary care research (see publications for more examples).

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Congratulations Dr Linda Wijlaars!

Congratulations to Linda Wijlaars, who has successfully defended her PhD thesis "Early comorbid parental depression and its effects on child outcomes".

Published 10/04/2014

Primary care Database User Group meeting on living with a terminally ill person

Our most recent PDUG meeting on 26 March focused on the topic of living with a terminally ill person. Liz Sampson and Rebecca Lodwick presented a study on: "Health outcomes and health service use of cohabitees living with terminally ill patients with cancer, chronic obstructive airways disease, and dementia", and Michael King and Louise Marston presented a study on: "Mortality and Medical Care after Bereavement: A General Practice Cohort Study". More information and abstracts are available on our seminar pages.

For our Christmas Primary care Database User Group, we went back all the way the very start of primary care databases with Gillian Hall. Dr Hall, who has been involved in primary care database research from the very beginning, talked about the history of these databases, as well as guidelines and good practice when using them. 

Information on the PDUG meetings and how to sign up to the mailing list can be found on our seminars page. You can find maps to the Royal Free and our department on our contact page

Published 01/04/2014

Royal Free Hospital

  The Royal Free Hospital - picture courtesy of Paolo Margari

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