Methodology Research Group

Primary Care Methodology Research Group

led by Irene Petersen

The Methodologists' Group brings together into a common structure those researchers principally involved in quantitative research methods, including statisticians, epidemiologists and health economists. This enhances collaborative and cooperative work among these researchers and provides a rational structure for interaction with the clinically focussed research groups within the Research Department of Primary Care and Population Health (PCPH), the PRIMENT clinical trials unit, and other relevant groups within UCL and beyond.


Slides from John Wood's Statistical Bite Size talks

• April 2016: indicator variable adjustment for missing X-data in regression models (slides)

• February 2016: regression, correlation, and geometry (slides)

• October 2015: Firth regression (slides, Firth paper on JSTOR)

• September 2015: heterogeneity in meta-analysis (slidesCochran paper on JSTOR)

• June 2015: splitting alpha (slides, spreadsheet)

• April 2015: reading key references (slides)


The Methodologists group meets in the seminar rooms at PCPH for informative seminars by internal and external speakers approximately every 6 weeks. If you would like to join the mailing list to receive details of these, please get in touch with Caroline Clarke.

Besides these meetings, some early career and PhD members of this group also take part in ad hoc, member-led sessions along themes of Introduction to Epidemiology and Introduction to Stata.

If you are interested in finding out more about these ad hoc groups, or wish to establish your own group to look at a particular methodological area, please get in touch with Caroline Clarke.