Improvement Science London

Core team & partners

Martin Marshall- Professor Healthcare Improvement, UCL

Martin Marshall

Lead, Improvement Science London

Martin Marshall is Professor of Healthcare Improvement at UCL and leads Improvement Science London. Martin is leading the WELC evaluation.

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Emily Bellshaw - Executive Assistant

Emily Bellshaw - Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant, Improvement Science London

Emily is an experienced Executive Assistant who has worked for several years at UCL in both administrative support and executive assistant roles.

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Mirza Lalani - Research Assistant, UCL

Mirza Lalani

Mirza Lalani is a Research Assistant at UCL in the department of primary care and population health. He is an experienced public health researcher in the final year of his PhD at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). He has an MSc in the Control of Infectious Diseases from LSHTM and an MPharm (hons) in Pharmacy from the University of Bradford.

His previous research projects have involved utilising mixed methods approaches to collecting and analysing data for the evaluation of health systems and health services in low and middle income settings. He also has experience of primary care in the UK having previously worked as a community pharmacist for 9 years.

He holds a part-time postgraduate teaching post at the University of London for taught and distance learning courses.

Mirza’s role on the project:

Mirza is a Research Assistant working with Professor Martin Marshall, Lead for Improvement Science London, and is a member of the UK-wide team. He is responsible for conducting the qualitative elements of the evaluation of the appraisal meetings and stakeholder interviews in London and the South East of England, including undertaking a thematic analysis of the data collected, with shared responsibility for the delivery of the whole project.

Laura Stuart - Frailty Programme Manager, UCL Partners 

Laura Stuart

Laura is a member of the steering group and the evaluation team. Laura also oversees the financial administration of the project.

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Jenny Shand - Director Co-morbidities Programme, UCL Partners

Subir Sen - Newham GP, NHS

Michael Jones - Newham GP, NHS 

Neil Houston - GP Clinical Lead Safety Improvement in Primary Care, Dollar Health Centre

Niro Siriwardena - Professor of Primary & Pre-Hospital Health Care, University of Lincoln

Amar Shah - Associate Medical Director & Consultant forensic psychiatrist, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Amar Shah

Amar Shah leads the large organisation-wide QI programme in East London, aimed at supporting East London NHS Foundation Trust  to provide the highest quality mental health and community care in the country. 

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Mavis Wenham - Consultancy Manager, ANKH Services

Mavis Wenham

Mavis Wenham has a background in social care across children's and adults services as well as community and patient engagement and coproductive approaches.

Her role in the QIC programme is to ensure that local patient involvement and expertise are fully embedded in the programme from planning to design and evaluation.

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Katie Laugharne - Head of Revalidation Support Unit for Wales, Cardiff University  

Kieran Walshe - Professor of Health Policy & Management, University of Manchester

Niall Cameron - National Appraisal Advise, NHS Education for Scotland

Steven Wilson - Senior Programme Manager, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Richard Wright - Revalidation Lead, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

Sam Regan de Bere - Lecturer in Medical Humanities, Plymouth University

Julian Archer- Senior Clinical Lecturer in Medical Education, Plymouth University

John Storey - Professor of Management, The Open University Business School

John Storey

John is Chief Investigator of the NIHR-funded project "Methods of Mobilising Clinical Leadership in and Around CCGs" . This involves overall project design and engagement with case studies and national surveys.

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Richard Holti - Senior Lecturer in Human Resources Management, The Open University Business School

Jean Hartley - Professor in Public Leadership, The Open University Business School

Tatum Matharu - Research Fellow, The Open University

Tatum Matharu

Tatum joined The Open University in July 2014 as a Research Fellow on a project exploring Clinical Leadership and Engagement in and around CCG's funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). As a case study within this project, Tatum works with Professor Marshall to research the integration of respiratory care services alongside other long-term conditions in Tower Hamlets.

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Sonia Bussu - Researcher-in-Residence, UCL

Sonia Bussu

Dr Sonia Bussu is a Research Associate at UCL’s Department of Primary Care and Population Health.

She holds a PhD in Local Governance and Citizen Participation from the London School of Economics. Over the years she has led research on co-production of local and health services and collaborative governance.

Prior to UCL

Prior to joining UCL she worked in the Third Sector, where she designed and evaluated participatory processes to increase citizen voice on policy making and, more recently, Lotteryfunded community development programmes.


She is an expert in participatory approachesto evaluation (i.e. Participatory Action Research). Sonia is a member of the Participation Lab’s advisory group at the University of Reading and an RSA (Royal Society of Arts) fellow.

She publishes academic and non-academic work on collaborative governance,facilitative leadership and citizen and patient engagement.


Sonia’s role on the project: Sonia is a Research Associate working with Professor Martin Marshall, Lead for Improvement Science London, and she is responsible for conducting a qualitative and participatory evaluation of the Waltham Forest,East London (WEL) Integrated Care Pioneer Programme. Her work builds on theprevious two-year evaluation of this programme (Sept 2014-Aug 2016) and focuses specifically on organisational development and culture change.