Centre for Ageing Population Studies (CAPS)


At CAPS our goal is to better understand health, well-being and independence in later life and translate this knowledge to develop and test interventions to improve the impacts to society of these. We meet this aim by focusing on:

1) Developing and testing new complex interventions for older people in primary care and community settings, focussing on those aimed to promote well-being, reduce disability and maintain independence in later life.

2) Understanding how health and social care systems work for older people, and how these can/should be adapted in an ageing society.

3)  Determining the epidemiology of age-related conditions, to inform the development of new interventions, with a focus on earlier, more timely diagnosis and intervention in a primary care setting.

Through this work CAPS is at the leading edge of research in primary and community care for older people. We are a multi-disciplinary group with expertise in complex intervention development, education and training, qualitative research, epidemiology and clinical trials. Patient and public involvement is central to our work, including the co-production of many of our interventions.

We have close links with the clinical trials unit PRIMENT, e-health unit, primary care mental health unit, Clinical Epidemiology & Electronic Health Records Research, Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department, King’s College Social Care Research Workforce Unit, INTERDEM, DeNDRoN.

We have a broad programme of work; the key themes are:

  • Promoting independence and well-being in later life
  • Dementia and Cognitive Impairment
  • Mental health and well-being in later life
  • Risk factors, risk prediction and timely diagnosis of age-related conditions
  • Identifying and reducing age-related inequalities in access to healthcare