Seminar Details

'Working with words: exploring possiblities for textual analysis'
Monday, 30th January 2012
1pm - 2pm (12.45 for sandwiches)
Seminar Room 2, PCPH, Upper 3rd Floor, UCL (Royal Free Campus)
Speaker: Dr Sophie Park and Dr Ann Griffin
Details: Context: Text is familliar to us all. This seminar will offer an introduction to and exploration of the range of methodological possiblities open to the researcher who has chosen to use text as research data source. We will consider the different textual sources available as data, range of methdological approaches possible and types of interpretation that might be adopted when embarking upon a study using textual data.

Methods: Approaches to interpreting text are vaired and utilise a range of analytical and interpretative strategies. We will use two examples of contrasting methods as examples, applied to the same piece of text. Tag clouds and performative narrative analysis (PNA) are used to analyse Chapter 4 of the UK government's 2010 white paper 'Equity and Excellent: Liberating the NHS'.

Results: The adoption of these contrasting methodological examples reveal that some common issues might be identified by both tag clouds and PNA, but in addition, each approach unveils unique features about the text.

Conclusions: These two methods highlight the range of affordances, or possibilities, that a chosen approach to textual analysis might have on results. We discuss how researchers might move beyond the dominant and privileged methodologies which seek to provide answers and encourage researchers to explore a broad choice of methods and approaches to textual data that provide opportunities for different perspectives, and development of further questioning and reflection.

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