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Start2quit: A randomised trial to increase the uptake of NHS Stop Smoking Services using personal targeted risk information and taster sessions
Monday 19th September 2011
1 (12.45 for sandwiches) - 2pm
Seminar Room, PCPH, Upper 3rd Floor, Royal Free
Speaker Joint presentation made by the Start2quit team: Leanne Gardner, Molly Sweeney Magee, Danielle Stoller and Dimitra Kale.

Recent figures show a reduction in smoking prevalence, but there is no room for complacency as smoking remains a major cause of ill health and mortality.  Most smokers say they want to quit but only a tiny proportion make use of the free Stop Smoking Services provided by the NHS.  This randomized trial will evaluate a two-pronged intervention to increase the number of people attending the services. The intervention consists of a brief personalized tailored letter from the GP and an invitation to attend a no commitment introductory taster session to provide smokers with more information about the NHS Stop Smoking Services. Currently, we have completed pilot phase recruitment and this presentation will discuss the design of trial, the intervention, recruitment rates and baseline characteristics of participants.

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