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The integration of refugee healthcare professionals in the NHS: the experience of GP trainees in London
Thursday 2 December 2010
1 (12.45 for sandwiches) - 2pm
Seminar Room 1, PCPH, Upper 3rd Floor, Royal Free
Speaker Ceri Buter, Lecturer in Health Services Research in the Division of Medical Education

The health service in the UK has historically relied on internationally qualified labour.  The UK has also provided asylum for thousands of refugees fleeing for their safety. A significant number of those had been working as health professionals in their country of origin. Despite this there has been an ambivalent attitude to refugee and overseas doctors in the UK.

This doctoral research explores the integration of refugee health professionals in the UK NHS by focusing on the experiences of GP trainees on the ring-fenced GPVTS in London. The aim is to devise a more meaningful definition of integration for this group of highly skilled professional refugees.

Data were collected through the use of in-depth interviews with GP trainees (n=20), a sample of their supervisors and trainers (n=22) and informant interviews with key stakeholders. Policy documents have also been analysed to investigate the development and use of integration frameworks. The theoretical concept of integration is used to interrogate the data at the micro, mezzo and macro levels. I also seek to explore the barriers and facilitators to integration through a framework of identity, otherness, race and ethnicity while maintaining an awareness of the need to place experiences within the current medical education and training requirements in the UK.

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