MRC-CTU Abstract

Loss to follow-up from randomised trials can cause bias affecting the reliability of trial results. A Cochrane review of the effectiveness of strategies to improve trial retention found monetary incentives were effective for questionnaire response, other strategies evaluated were found to be less effective e.g. priority post. A qualitative study conducted among primary care trial personnel found that some strategies identified by the Cochrane review are being used without knowing the full impact on trial retention. Other factors thought to impact upon trial retention were also identified.  

The purpose of this seminar is to discuss best practice guidance for retention in randomised trials based on the results of these two studies. The seminar will be of particular interest to chief / principal investigators, trial managers, trial nurses and researchers involved in trial planning and trial management. The key findings of the Cochrane review and the qualitative study will be presented followed by small group discussions focused on best practice for retention in randomised trials based on the evidence presented.  Feedback from the group discussions will be summarised and fed into a consensus document.

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