Seminar Details


Role of the NIHR Research Design and PRIMENT CTU in training and research support

Monday, 13th May 2013

13.00– 14.00

(12.45 for sandwiches in the library)

Seminar Room 1
Upper 3rd Floor, PCPH, UCL (Royal Free Campus)
Speaker: Irwin Nazareth

The Department of Primary Care & Population Health host the North Central London branch of the Research design Service and the PRIMENT Clinical Trials Unit. This presentation will provide an overview of the exact function of the NIHR Research Design Services (RDS) and its interaction with PRIMENT CTU within UCL. The RDS plays an important role in offering advice on the design of research studies thus enhancing the chance of securing funding through NIHR. The presentation will explore the various NIHR funding stream and how best to develop a grant proposal. At UCL the RDS serves as the first filter prior to adoption of the study by PRIMENT CTU. The role of PRIMENT within this setup will also be briefly described and the opportunities for research assistants, PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and other research fellows to work with the RDS to gain training in reviewing grant applications and learning more about NIHR funding streams will be discussed.

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