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Sexual Health Interventions on the Internet
Monday 1st November 2010
1 (12.45 for sandwiches) - 2pm
Seminar Room 1, PCPH, Upper 3rd Floor, Royal Free
Dr Julia Bailey, Walport Clinical Lecturer

There are huge quantities of sexual health information online, but we know that information alone is not enough to precipitate behaviour change. Technology such as the Internet allows interventions to be targeted, tailored, interactive and entertaining, and these kinds of interventions can help people to learn about sexual health and to change their sexual behaviour.

In this presentation I will give examples of the imaginative possibilities for online health promotion, and will talk about the design and development of the Sexunzipped website. Sexunzipped aims to give young people the tools to make informed decisions about their sexual well-being, featuring material about safer sex, relationships and sexual pleasure. The site’s interactive activities are designed to encourage self-reflection, and to develop young people’s confidence and communication skills.

The Sexunzipped website is being tested in a pilot online randomised controlled trial: we are recruiting 2000 people aged 16 to 20 online and randomising them to either the Sexunzipped website, or to a comparison information-only website. This trial is the first UK trial to collect sexual health data online and to measure genital Chlamydia by post as well: I will talk about the trial design, and give an overview of the advantages and challenges of conducting trials online.

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