Seminar Details

Implementation of quality indicators in  palliative care study (IMPACT) 
Monday 18th February, 2013
1pm-2pm (12.45 for sandwiches)
Seminar Room 1, PCPH, Upper 3rd Floor, Royal Free Hospital
Speaker Nathan Davies

As a consequence of the ageing population, the number of people in need for cancer and dementia palliative care will rise. The number of people in Europe with dementia, for example, is currently about 7.7 million and will double by 2050. Cancer incidence is estimated at 3.2 million per year with a mortality rate of 1.7 million/year. Despite advances in cancer treatment, increases in incidence, mortality and morbidity are predicted.

IMPACT is a four year European Commission funded project working with five European countries; England, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway. The overall aim of this project is to identify the optimal strategies for using quality indicators to improve the organisation of palliative cancer and dementia care in Europe.

This seminar will provide an introduction to the IMPACT project describing the methodology of using quality indicators in palliative care through the use of a pre-post-test. Early results will be discussed from qualitative work which has explored the barriers to providing quality palliative care for dementia. I will also discuss models of palliative care which have been developed and continuously modified by the project team, describing the commonalities and differences of the five European countries. 

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