Seminar Details

Cardiovascular ageing and other planned research themes for the British Regional Heart Study
Thursday 29th May 2012
(12.45 for sandwiches) 1 - 2 pm
Seminar Room 2, PCPH, Upper 3rd Floor, Royal Free
Speaker Prof. Goya Wannamethee
Details The British Regional Heart Study (BRHS) is a large prospective study of cardiovascular disease (CVD) involving 7735 men aged 40-59 years drawn from general practices in 24 towns in the UK. The men were initially screened and examined in 1978-1980. The men were re-examined in detailed 20 years later in 1998-2000 when aged 60-79 and recently underwent  a third re-examination 30 years after the initial screening (2010-2012) when aged 70-90 years. The men have been followed up since screening for cardiovascular morbidity, diabetes and all-cause mortality for over 30 years.  The talk will focus on key findings from the BRHS on on-going challenges and debates on risk factors for CVD in older adults.  This ranges from the obesity paradox to the measurement of physical activity in the elderly to the use of novel biomarkers in identifying people at high risk of developing CVD.  I will also discuss the 30 year re-examination study and provide a brief overview of the future research initiatives of the BRHS on the prevention and prediction of CVD in the elderly.

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