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Physical activity and risk of CVD and diabetes in older adults. Update from the British Regional Heart Study
Monday 9th May 2011
(12.45 for sandwiches) 1 - 2 pm
Seminar Room 2, PCPH, Upper 3rd Floor, Royal Free
Speaker Dr Barbara Jefferis
Details Older adults are a growing segment of the UK population and bear high burdens of morbidity and mortality, so preventive strategies have great potential for health benefit. Physical activity levels in older adults are very low, so it is important to understand how overall activity (down to low activity levels) is associated with important causes of morbidity.  Whilst for middle-aged adults, the substantial benefits of physical activity for reducing morbidity and mortality from CVD and diabetes are well recognized, the evidence base for the amount, intensity and type of activities required for benefit in older adults is less clear.  This talk will discuss existing evidence about prospective associations between physical activity and CVD and type 2 diabetes, including new data from the British Regional Heart Study.  New directions in physical activity research in older adults using the British Regional Heart Study cohort will also be discussed. The new study using accelerometers to objectively measure activity levels within the existing cohort will be described. It is the first population-based study to collect objective data about the levels and changes in physical activity in older adults (>70 years) on a large scale.  The study will generate a unique resource with high quality repeated data on morbidity, CVD risk factors, socio-demographic and behavioural measures. The new objective data will permit investigation of the actual amounts of activity undertaken by older adults and how these correspond to current guidelines and if the levels are sufficient to confer health benefits. It will also help to understand determinants of activity levels and year on year changes in activity among older adults.
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