Seminars and Events

Current Seminars

Aim:To provide a forum for departmental staff to share and learn about current research developments.


  • To provide an opportunity for speakers (internal and external) to  present work to the department.
  • To provide a space for staff to present research work in progress.
  • To generate and facilitate discussion and sharing of ideas about research substantive topics and methodologies.
  • To critique and develop research in an informal and supportive environment.

Timetable for 2016/2017 Seminars

Date Unit Responsible Title Day
21st June 2016 E-Health HeLP Diabetes Tuesday
19th July 2016  External speaker  The challenges of developing and implementing effective family medicine in the occupied Palestinian territories Tuesday 
26th July 2016 E-Health  I-DECIDE Tuesday 
19th September 2016 Teaching Patient and public engagement in UK medical education (or the rocky road to a Doctorate in Education) Monday
20th October 2016 CAPS The aftermath of the Liverpool Care Pathway – developing heuristics (rules-of-thumb) for practitioners making end of life decisions for people with dementia Thursday
21st November 2016 BRHS TBC Monday
16th January 2017 Infection TBC Monday 
16th February 2017  Methodology TBC  Thursday 

PRIMENT Seminars

PhD Upgrade Seminars

Date & Time: Thursday 18th August, 12:30 - 14:30

Title: Exploring the potential of digital resources as a source of social support in first time pregnancy.

Speaker: Nikki Newhouse

Venue: Seminar rooms 1 and 2, PCPH

Abstract: First-time pregnancy is a time of huge physical and emotional change and women often need extra support. This extra support often comes in the form of factual information, much of it generic, conflicting or anecdotal and routinely focused on physical health, why psychological and social support needs often overlooked. Good social support in first time pregnancy is associated with better maternal health, relationship satisfaction, child outcomes and coping and protects against postpartum depressive symptoms. Digital resources offer one way for perinatal women to build supporting social networks and human-computer interaction research is starting to explore technology's growing role in the experience of pregnancy. Internet and smartphone access and usage is ubiquitous within this group and pregnant women routinely source alternative forms of 'expert' advice and information via the Internet, particularly when they deem their antenatal care to be insufficient. The aim of this multidisciplinary research seeks to explore whether and how use of digital resources during first time pregnancy improves subjective wellbeing. The research will determine the contextualised user needs and requirements of a unique user group in order to guide the co-development of a working prototype of a digital perinatal resource.

This presentation will introduce topic areas for the PhD, discuss the completed and propose a future plan for the remainder of the PhD.  

Previous Seminars

Timetable for 2015/2016 Seminars

Date Unit Responsible Title Day
17th September 2015 E-Health Alcohol Help Centre and Check Your Drinking: Can they reduce hazardous drinking in the UK? Thursday
19th October 2015 Teaching Undergraduate Medical Education in Israel. The views of an international Review Team Monday
29th October 2015 Central Services  Introduction to Information Governance Services Thursday
19th November 2015 CAPS Developing a complex behaviour change intervention for older people using 'co-design' methods: the experiences of the HomeHealth study Thursday
8th January 2016 Priment Increased mortality associated with weekend hospital admission: a case for expanded seven day services? An analysis of 2013/14 data Friday
14th January 2016  Royal Free R&D  Overview of HRA changes to research approvals Thursday 
21st January 2016  Madingley dry run  TBC  Thursday 
15th February 2016 BRHS Physical activity in the elderly: new findings from the British Regional Heart Study Monday
17th March 2016 Methodology Patient and public involvement in health research Thursday
18th April 2016 Mental Health How can we encourage more smokers to seek help? The start2quit randomised trial Monday
19th May 2016 ISL Exploring the Regulatory Impact of Medical Revalidation in the United Kingdom - Findings from a Profession Wide Survey Thursday

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