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BSc Psychology

UCAS Code: C800

Psychology encompasses human and animal behaviour, its biological basis in evolution, the nervous system and cognition, and the study of social factors which affect the behaviour of individuals and of groups. It is grounded in systematic empirical research as well as in theory; it therefore includes training in methods of research, which in turn demands some understanding of, and some skill in, statistics and computing. Finally, it requires the ability to write clearly and present theoretical arguments and research results in a cogent manner. A good psychology graduate is both numerate and literate; he/she has a grasp of the scientific as well as of the human. These are intellectual and practical skills which are potentially relevant to a wide range of occupations in our complex technological society. 

We believe that all students should be exposed to as wide a coverage of the field of psychology as possible but that they should also have the opportunity for some relative specialisation within it. Consequently, the first two years span the field. The third (final) year offers each student considerable choice of topics for study, according to his or her main interests and ultimate aims. We believe that the initially broad coverage is essential for informed and rational decisions about specialisation in the third year and for the future.

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BSc Psychology